Rektron has for over three decades supported the industry with user friendly and powerful software’s for quality assurance, quality control and process control.

The portfolio includes tools for many applications within measurement, analysis and monitoring.


With visualization we make sure that the correct information is always available. Clear and interactive dashboards show current status and history, based on actual data from the production and testing departments. Use pre-prepared dashboards or choose yourself which information to use. Different views can be created for staff with a variety of roles and focus areas within a company.

Rektron Eyesight is a portal on your intranet where up to date production and quality status is visualized in real time. Data flows from other systems can be added in Rektron Eyesight to visualize information from multiple sources in one place. The portal can also be used for applications outside the Rektron eco system.


  • Discover deviating trends in time
  • Compare and improve
  • Raise the motivation
  • Reducs costs of poor quality
  • Strengthen the strategic position
  • Accelerate continuous improvements
  • Monitor your production in real-time
  • Information in time and to the right people
  • Decision support system
  • Keep track of the quality

Process control

With measure data collected directly from the production and the right statistical tools you get 100% control over your processes. Clear control charts and intelligible key figures let the operators take important decisions themselves.

Correct decisions

Right decisions can help to avoid process oversteering, tool breakages or deviating trends. A natural presentation of the position and variation of the process makes the analysis completely intuitive.


Deviations and trend alarms minimize the risk of producing scrap. Systematic deviations are eliminated through continuous improvements and the production becomes more stable and reliable.


By marking measure data, causing factors can quickly be identified even in complex processes. It eliminates relying on preconceptions that make up the understanding of the capability and performance of the machines.


With knowledge of the stability of the processes, the production rate and material consumption can be adjusted to achieve the important economical margin in production orders. Immediate feedback on the results minimize risks, so that quality is not compromised.


Quality assurance

Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA)

Following the international standard of AIAG, the system offers a stand-alone program for FMEA analyses. The program streamlines the demanding process of developing and applying the analyses. All the parts of the FMEA project are presented in a comprehensive manner and you can easily generate control plans and lists of prioritized actions.

Measure system analysis (MSA)

The system offers a tool for measure system analysis according to the AIAG standard, with GR&R (Gauge Repeatability and Reproducibility) and attribute studies.

Capability tests (Cpk)

Calculation of capability and performance for machines and processes are fundamental statistical functions in the system. Capability (Cp/Cpk, Cm/Cmk) and performance indices (Pp/Ppk) are always available and can be computed for the entire measure data set, or a filtered section of it. The quality control report is a proof of quality in communication with your customers.


The system includes a complete gauge management system (GMS) for handling and calibrating gauges and measuring equipment. This stand-alone web application makes the management of your gauges and tools simple and effective.

Instructions and certificates are stored for each gauge. With tolerances and historical calibration data you quickly see wear trends. Assembly lists are used for calibrating sensors in fixtures and other complex equipment.

Documentation and traceability

The most basic application of measure data collection is documentation. Within the Rektron system all history is available with a few clicks. Filtering data with product and order information, serial numbers, operators, machines, etc., makes both traceability and detailed follow-ups possible.

In the system there's a module for audit trails according to FDA CFR 21 part 11, with access control and trace logs.

Measure data collection

To make a correct analysis it's important that the collected data is reliable. Rektron has from the beginning focused on making measure data collections both painless and simple with minimized risk for errors as possible. The system has an extensive support for manual and automatic measure data input, as well as support for various workflows and methods.

Handheld instruments

  • Direct input from digital measuring devices to minimize the risk of error.
  • Connect micrometres, callipers, indicators, gauges, etc. or enter measure values manually through the keyboard.
  • Connect gauges of Mahr, Mitutoyo and Sylvac brands etc. to the computer via standardized hardware.
  • Use cabled or wireless transmission from connectors like Mitutoyo Digimatic, Mahr MarConnect, RS-232, etc.
  • Use a foot-switch to register measure values to ensure stability and errors when using handheld instruments.

Measuring equipments

  • Direct input from fixtures, height gauges, profile projectors, surface measuring devices and radius measuring devices, etc.
  • Parallel measurement of multiple inductive gauges, with connectors of type TESA HB, Solartron, etc.

Measuring machines

  • Automatic input from coordinate measuring machines (CMM), vision systems, etc.
  • Connectors are available from for Zeiss Calypso, Mitutoyo Cosmos, Nikon Automeasure, Mahr, SmartScope, Tesa Scan, Wenzel, PC-DMIS, AQDEF (dfq), DMIS out (dmo), MicroStudio, Pixargus, Faro, Instron, Hommel-Etamic, Zoller, OptoNova QI, Quindos, etc.
  • Many custom connectors have been developed for various text formats (txt, csv)

Production machines, sensors and systems

  • Injection moulding machines, casting machines, PLC, etc.
  • Sensors and loggers
  • Connections via RS-232, OPC, TCP/IP, web services (SOAP, REST), SQL databases, etc
  • Import and export of text files (txt, csv, xml), AQDEF (dfq), DMIS out (dmo), etc

The IT system

The Rektron system includes a number of modules in the form of web and desktop applications. The modules can be combined, but can often also be used as stand-alone.

Except for standard modules, Rektron develops from the customer’s specification or after a pilot study, custom modules and systems on demand, Customizations provide system support for a certain operation, for custom dashboards and analyses, for integration with other systems, etc.

The system is normally installed on premise, within the customer's IT environment. Web applications and databases are installed on a Microsoft Windows Server with a database servers, Microsoft SQL Server (Express) or Oracle Database. The desktop applications run on client computers using Microsoft Windows.

Rektron also offers parts of the system as software as a service (SaaS), as a cloud solution that is provided online on the Internet. In this case the customer only requires computers with internet connections.